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Welcome to Black Fox Farms! We are a Wholesale nursery. We are container growers of a wide variety of woody ornamentals, shade and flowering trees, perennials, hardy ferns, and hostas. We also have available many “specialty plants” that will enhance the uniqueness of your design. Some of these are listed under "Specialty Plants" on the menu above. Also, take a look at our updated availability to see if we have what you are looking for. Please, contact us if we can help you any further. You can find our direct contact links in the “About Us” Section.

If you are interested in using Black Fox Farms for your event, please see the side menu bar for options. Thanks!

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Black Fox Farms Nursery

For all special event inquiries, please see the Special Events Homepage!

2724 Varnell Road

Cleveland, TN 37311

Phone- (423)478-1600, (800)414-0770

Fax- (423)478-5698



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